New Image Communications offer a wide range of products and services for all your business Communication needs. Our customers benefit from mobile devices, mobile tariff, broadband, data and cloud solutions. Keeping your business connected anywhere in the globe.


IOT (Internet of Things)

Vodafone IOT (Internet of Things) is a technological innovation in the field of business Communication. IOT (Internet of Things), connect machines, devices and objects to the internet, turning them into intelligent assets that communicate with anyone around the globe. IOT (Internet of Things), technology can help your business to grow by keeping your customers happy. IOT (Internet of Things), allow businesses to connect to any machine, activate, deactivate and suspend SIMs and devices such as water meter and gas meter. It can be tailored to individual business needs. Connect machine to machine (M2M), through IOT (Internet of Things).

One Net

With New Image Communications you don’t have to worry about whether your employees are in the office or anywhere in the world. They can feel as they are in the same room with our collaboration solution. With our conferencing solutions, you are guaranteed with technology that will support your internal and external business Communications s while significantly reducing costs for time and unnecessary business travel.

Mobile tariff

Are you a small business or big corporation, our bespoke mobile tariff will be designed to meet the needs of your business with record tool to evaluate your monthly usage. We offer wide range of tariff from all major UK networks with unlimited texts, minutes and data.


Roaming is no longer a problem with New Image roaming solutions. How you work will not change if you are at a different location, or travelling. With our roaming options, you can use your phone the same way you use it in the UK. We also provide 4G roaming that means you can get a reliable and fast connection in most places in the world so you can roam the world without a worry.

Shared tariff

Shared business tariff is easier to manage and you can share minutes, texts and data among your employees to ensuring that all employees have business phone to use. Large organisations can benefit from shared business tariff because it is a most cost effective solution for business Communication rather than having different number of bills. In shared business tariff “Lead Sharer” signs up for one contract and able to shared minutes, texts and from up to any number. The best thing in shared business tariff is that you can add and remove any person as you go along rather than signing up a new contract.

Office 365

New Image Communications provides a virtual platform that helps your employees work effectively from almost any location. It enables you to use any Microsoft product with secure connectivity from us so you can communicate however you want, wherever you are regardless of device. Now you can download and edit files on the go, enjoy enterprise grade email check the availability of your colleagues so you can contact them anywhere, anytime.

Secure Device Manager (VSDM)

We are offering measurable security solutions that are essential for the security of your business data. Now you can update software on all your devices from a central location and also remove data or lock devices in case they are lost. It is very easy and can be quickly linked with all your devices.